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As relationships develop trust follows
We Make Sense
As relationships develop trust follows

Licensing Legal Advisers

Our licensing team specialise in various areas of licensing law, including alcohol, gaming, entertainment and events. We provide expert advice to individuals, small and large pub companies, hotels, restaurants, newsagents, bars and nightclubs.

Our proactive approach and having a close relationship with all our local responsible authorities ensures we can provide a complete service and resolve any issues or representations received towards our application as far as possible without the need for a hearing. We can call on our business partners to provide licensing compliant plans and, where necessary, organise the required training courses for personal licence holders. This results in cost savings for clients and the licence being granted as soon as possible.

Our licensing team can advise on the following:

  • New Premises Licence Applications
  • Transfer of Premises Licence
  • Variation of Premises Licence Applications
  • Change of Details (Premises and Personal)
  • Minor Variations
  • Personal Licence
  • Temporary Events Notices
  • The production of licensing compliant plans
  • Notification of Interest
  • Training for personal licence holders
  • Gaming Marching Permits
  • Large scale portfolio transfers
  • DPS Variations
  • Administrative licence checks