Construction Disputes

When you’re building the future, our knowledgeable legal team are right by your side.

Construction projects are often a myriad of complex relationships and legalities that require an expert hand to navigate. We’re proud to be able to provide incredible insight and experience in this niche yet vital aspect of law, for those involved in construction and major works.

We believe expert knowledge in the field is incredibly important and at Savage Silk, our dedicated litigation solicitor with a wealth of experience in construction disputes will ensure you’re supported through even the most complex legal construction conundrums.

We can support with recovery of unpaid notified sums via adjudication, as well as advising on the validity of any Pay Less Notices, assisting with final valuation disputes and providing advice and guidance on other issues including delays, defects, liquidated damages and variations. 

Ensure you have an expert guide to navigate your complex construction legal requirements.

Next Steps:

We will be happy to discuss any of the above and any other matters with you.

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