Settlement Agreements

Have you been offered a Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding contract made between an employee and employer.  It is usually entered into at the termination of employment and sets out the full terms between the parties.


If you have been offered a Settlement Agreement by your employer, speak to our friendly employment team for straightforward advice on the terms and effects of the agreement to ensure they are in your best interests.

While Settlement Agreements are usually offered by an employer, to an employee, you can also enter into ‘off the record’ discussions with your employer to ask for an agreed exit. This may be on occasions where you have raised a grievance and a solution has not been achieved, or you feel the relationship has broken down. Your employer may already be aware of the potential breakdown in the employment relationship and may welcome the opportunity to negotiate an exit with you.

If you are considering approaching your employer with a proposal for a Settlement Agreement, we highly recommend seeking legal advice in the first instance. We are experienced in negotiating offers and can advice you on your Settlement Agreement.

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