Contractual and Consumer Rights Disputes

Standing up for your rights from signing the contract to taking delivery.

No matter how good the buyer-seller relationship is, or how water-tight the contract, sometimes things run into difficult waters and when they do, you’ll want Savage Silk in your corner, stranding up for your rights as a consumer.

When a purchase or contractual relationship breaks down, Savage Silk are on hand to ensure you’re equipped with expert advice and a clear course of action to take should you need to. We’ll walk you through your legal options and guide you towards a solution that looks after your consumer rights and contractual expectations.

Our team have a huge amount of experience in dealing with commercial relationship breakdowns, where a simple purchase or complex contract runs aground.

Savage Silk can support you with rejection or repair claims for defective vehicles and other goods, misrepresentation claims; disputes with builders who fail to complete work to a satisfactory standard or try to increase fixed price part way through a job and many more situations which may require legal intervention.

When you need help with a contractual dispute or a purchase that’s gone awry, our team can get things back on track and get you the service you deserve.

Next Steps:

We will be happy to discuss any of the above and any other matters with you.

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